Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A few things in the land of Hixx:

1. Those new pet hair off the couch things are good, they do get the pet hair off, but they're only good for one use. Funny, the vacuum cleaner is good over and over and over.

2. The Target chocolate chip cookie mix is delicious.

3. I really liked the Gossip Girl "Lily" episode. It seems like the people at GG know that half their audience are women like me who grew up then. I liked the references and thought the girl who played Lily was cute.

4. Saw Star Trek. I enjoyed it of course (I'm in love with Kirk, never thought I'd say that) but it's no Ironman, not even close.

5. I know to take a good review with a grain of salt. A good review doesn't make a show good, it's just nice validation.

6. We're moving 6 weeks! Argh and Yay!

7. I'm afraid creepy, bloody nose girl is going to win ANTM.

8. I think a JT/Coach is a great final two and I hope they don't add a third like they have been.

9. When I'm outside walking to the train or walking the dog, I get jealous of people that are out riding their bikes. I love my bike.

10. Do you think Kris Allen's wife is screwed? Every time I see her I think, "you ain't gonna last long honey."

11. Am I realist or a pessimist?


rebar said...

I'm a little sad that creepy, bloody nose girl didn't win ANTM.

I like it when the extremely geeky non-social girls do well and build their self-esteem.

...almost as much as I like watching some egotistical 19 year old get served by Miss Jay.

I liked creepy, bloody nose girl even more when I saw how she handled coming in 2nd. Bravo, creepy, bloody nose girl! Bravo!

Jennifer said...

where are you moving to? my bike needs fixin'. gah. that dog in that other person's comment is SUPA cute. oh, i'm too lazy to sign out. you know who this is.

Hixx said...

I agree Rebar, creepy bloody nose girl actually ended up doing a really good job and was so authentic in her joy in 2nd place. I like that.

Jennifer, oh Jennifer.