Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?

So, I've been struggling for the past few weeks, as my life gets busier (thank the sweet heavens)and a little further off a "scheduled" schedule, about posting to the blog at the same time every day five days a week.

My life isn't like that anymore, sometimes I'm on the computer for an hour a day, or not at all, or for five, I'm not going to tie myself down to "you have to post every day at 1PM" it's unrealistic and I'm learning to live life in a less unplanned way. Pressure off!

I saw A Chorus Line last night at the Ford Theater downtown.

Chorus Line was the first "real" show I ever saw. I grew up on children's theater and community theater and maybe a first rate show at the high-school. But when I was about maybe 10 or 11 or so my mom took me out of school for the afternoon, took me to lunch in the city and took me to see A Chorus Line.

The curtains open, I'm sitting in this big beautiful theater, a burdgeoning theater geek and the lights come on and it seemed like there were 100 people on stage. A Chorus Line is a musical for theater people. It was very meta for it's time, very everything for it's time, swearing and coolness and all that. And I remember just crying then, at the music, the people, the way their bodies movied, how excellent they were and how funny they were.

I've loved Chorus Line ever since and grew up with friends who loved it as much as I do. the night of bachelorette party my friends from high school sat on Sabrina's porch at 4AM and sang every line...

I have songs from Chorus Line on my ipod. I reference it all the time, I wanted to walk down the aisle to "One Singular Sensation," John wouldn't allow it. Humbug.

But I haven't actually seen it (except the movie and a highschool production) since I saw it with my mom.

And...last night was...okay. It was not a great production, not by any means. I'm not sure it's even possible to screw up A Chorus Line, I mean, for petes sakes. But my friend and I had an awesome time, singing, remembering, the people around me all seemed to know it and hum a few bars here and there.

It's a seminole piece, A Chorus Line. And even though it didn't have the impact it did when I was young (how could it?) the joy is still there.


Rachelle said...

when i was in grade school we learned the song "One" in music class. I used to sing it all the time. It wasn't for maybe like 15 or so years later that I realized what the song was!

PS. Thanks for putting your whole post in your feed now! What a relief.

Kate said...

Hixx, I'm so thrilled I can read the full text of your posts in my Reader now. Woot!

Hixx said...

Ha! Tankboy taught me that ladies, I will thank him now.

Michael, Chicago IL said...

Hey Hixx, I haven't decided if A Chorus Line (the A was added just before the original show opened, so it would be first alphbetically in the theater listings) for or not. I've only seen the film.

Cheese fries soon.

Hixx said...

I think you can Michael, you've done other movies right? I'd almost like to see the movie again...I'm not sure it was all that bad.

Yes. Soon!

Erica said...

We watched the movie of this on Saturday--I had never seen it. It was most certainly dated, but really really interesting. I liked it. Now I can't wait to see the documentary...