Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Days

Ah, just where I want to be right about now, heating pad under my ass, dog by my side, husband within giggling distance and cheeseburgers on the way. I love Sundays.

We had a really great and artsy weekend until I ruined it all by doing shots of whiskey, why at almost 40 years old would I ever think doing shots of whiskey is a good idea? Where is my wisdom? WHERE?

Friday I rode my bike almost all day, I rode to moms in evanston and ran a bunch of errands. Then John and I took a long walk to get some dinner and wander around Lincoln Square. We came home and watched In Bruges, which I know is a movie people love but I whimpered pleadingly to turn it off in the middle. I get why its good and why people love it but it just wasn't for me. I tend to like plot lines more than character studies.

Saturday many people came over for rehearsal for John's show THEMS. Check it out won't you?

I stayed in the backroom and listened to a lot of old music while loading up my ipod. Last night we went to one of the Chicago Improv Festival shows and watched the ladies and a group my friend dan is in. Shows were a riot, watching well done improv can really be a treat.

Then the whiskey debacle happened. It's Sabrina's fault, it always is.

Today I had a rehearsal for Sabrina's sketch show, that will go up in July and raced back to the house with her so she could be here for a THEMS rehearsal. I went to bed. Sweet sweet bed and WGN radio. Seriously.

And here I sit, the Amazing Race in front of me and of course...the cheeseburger. Sundays.

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