Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in black

Well well well. Who's blog is this?

It is unfamiliar, I've been here before....

Welcome back me!

Welcome back little blog!

Don't forget, there will definitely more posts on Lost and Found, so keep looking there, but it's time for me to get back to it over here.

So we're back from Thailand! I'm not quite as sad as I thought I'd be. Home happens to be a really nice place. It's warm, it's clean, it smells good. There's a strange little black and white dog who keeps coming to give me kisses.

I'm not going to lie that I'm not fighting back the urge to not wash dishes and hop back on a plane...but I'm good. Home is good.

John and I are both really motivated to make some changes in our lives, nothing over the top, but he put it best when he said that when we get home we're going to "create instead of consume." I like that.

We also both lost a good amount of weight (he really did, he looks extremely handsome) and we both really understand more about what our bodies need and don't need.

And I have a new part-time job I start this week and although my body initially hurls from thinking about work, when I think about it with a level head its the best thing for me. 20 hours a week, a really nice and laid back place and I'll be working with a friend. In this economy, I think my lucky stars I have a nice place to go to.

So, we're here!

Next trip? India for my 40th, but I won't start talking about that now....I still have two more years left to plan for it.

Hi everyone!


Erica said...

HI!!! Welcome home! We missed you!

Now Moody's.

Kate said...

Hixx! So glad to have you back!