Thursday, January 08, 2009

ISHT - Damages Edition

Recently I was asked what ISHT stands for, so for any new readers out there, ISHT stands for I'm So Hot Thursday. It basically replaced "Kinda Hot Wednesday" when I would point out kind of hot guys...but I'm So Hot Thursdays are not saying that I'm hot like sexy hot, but hot like sweating hot.

On to it.

Damages is awesome. I'm just very excited to see the season shape up. Ted Danson is back, thank goodness, really, I am not a Ted Danson fan, never was. But after Damages I am maybe one of his biggest fans, he's fantastic. I like William Hurt (or in my family, we call him William "Got" Hurt, it cracks us up) so far very much. I just love Damages.

Okay, the physical eating stuff...getting better. I've lost almost 8 pounds since the wedding. Ha, I love that I decide to get in shape for the trip after my wedding instead of the actual wedding. I've been working out hard and almost every day, which is a lot easier to do when I'm not working...let's admit that. Also not working means I'm not living for my 3 meals a day and have really, and probably unhealthily, eat about 1.5, 2 meals a day. There's apples and chips and salsa in between, but I'm just not eating as much as I was.

In the past few weeks of Christmas and New Years I really did not eat well and firmly believe that has much to do with my aforementioned laziness. It's one of the signs of growing older that you realize food is important. So John and I got lots of good stuff to eat these last two weeks (eek!) before we leave. Yum.

So I feel good. I'm noticing some changes, fitting into some clothes I couldn't, but still in the classic feminine way, manage to find a way to hate every inch of my body. YAY! Not all the time, but sometimes. Other times I think I look just dandy.

I really want to take the time we have left and just push it, not so that I hurt myself, but so that I am strong and brave for Thailand.



smussyolay said...

my dad calls mary steenburgen 'the loser' because he says she plays a loser in all the movies she's in. nice, dad.

in going to her imdb entry, i see that she's married to ted danson. so that's a weird twist.

also, dad? (who isn't reading this...) she won an oscar. so, she's more of a winner than most actors. so there.

rebar said...

Lady - I keep meaning to ask you and can't access email at work (by the time I get home, I forget...)

I think you mentioned you go to a regular pub quiz?

Some friends and I have been going to a bar (that shall not name) for about a year for Bears games and their pub quiz.

The service at this place went from spotty to downright asshatty recently - to the point that some folks on our team now refuse to go back to the bar.

So I'm in search of a new pub quiz (not to be confused with NTN trivia for you unintiated.)

I've narrowed it down to a couple spots (location, scheduling, etc.), but was curious as to where you guys go.

I think it would be awesome if we were to meet for some heads up trivia action someday! (especially if it's after your trip, so I can hear all about it, while our team soundly pounds yours into the sticky barroom floor.)

Thank you for consideration to solving my delimma.

Your pal,


Hixx said...

Smuss..hilarious. I like Steenburgen pretty well.

Rebar, yes, let's play Trivia! We go to Hidden Shamrock on Tuesdays. It's John Glynn's of improv fame. It's a pretty good time. Let's do THIS.